Not your ordinary voltage detector.

Safe-T Ring is a non-contact voltage sensor that detects voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires, switches and cables.

Perfect for both professional electricians and DIY home owners who want to check for the presence of electricity in wires when working on projects on the job site or around the house.

More compact than a pen voltage tester, the Safe-T Ring is always at the ready on your hand, not in a pocket or back in the toolbox. The rechargeable battery means you can leave it on and test for power without having to put other tools down and reach for a pen tester.

Safe-T Ring non-contact voltage sensor
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Easy Operation

Press power button and look for green power indicator light. Test ring by placing arrow side of ring next to an insulated wire that is known to carry power. In the presence of AC voltage the red LED indicator light will come on and an audible beeping alarm will sound.

An instruction sheet is included for complete operating and charging instructions.

Recharging the Safe-T™ Ring


The Safe-T Ring is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery designed to work all day long. A micro USB cable is included with every ring to recharge the battery. When charging, the green indicator light flashes. You never have to worry about changing batteries again and the powerful lithium battery keeps the ring lightweight.

Interchangeable Bands.

The Safe-T Ring is designed with the ability to interchange bands for different sized fingers. The ring comes with three different size bands. The open edge design allows for flexibility and to maximize comfort. To switch bands, simply slide each band out from the base, a detent holds the band in place on the ring.

A small ring packed with features.

The Safe-T™ Ring may be small and compact, but it was designed with features to help the wearer get the job done.

Safe-T™ Ring visual alert

Visual Alert

If the Safe-T™ Ring detects voltage the red LED indicator light illuminates to inform user of the presence of electrical power.
Safe-T™ Ring audible alert

Audible Alarm

If the ring senses electricity an audible alarm will beep, letting the user know that power is live in the wires.
Safe-T™ Ring has a visual power indicator

Power Indicator

The Safe-T™ Ring has a built-in green LED power indicator so that you know it is ready for use.
Safe-T™ Ring rechargeable battery


The Safe-T™ Ring is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable Lithium battery. It easily recharges via a standard micro USB port.
Safe-T™ Ring changeable bands

Multiple Band Sizes

We all have different size hand and fingers. The ring comes with three interchangeable ring sizes to ensure a good fit for all.
Safe-T™ Ring comfortable design

Comfortable Design

Lightweight design and bands made out of a flexible material that expand to fit a users fingers ensure all day comfort.
Safe-T™ Ring USB cord

USB Cord Included

A Micro USB power cable is included with the Safe-T Ring. When charging the green LED indicator flashes and remains constant when fully charged.
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Safe-T™ Ring non-contact voltage sensor

The story of the Safe-T Ring

The concept for the Safe-T Ring came from one of our founders, a professional electrician. He had grown tired of constantly putting down his tools and pulling a pen non-contact voltage tester (NCVT) from his pocket to see if a wire had voltage in it. That was assuming it was still in his pocket and he wasn’t scratching his head trying to remember where he left it last, or climbing down a ladder and back to the toolbox to get it. He thought there had to be a better way. That’s when the Eureka moment happened. What if the tester was a ring? Always within reach and usable without the need to put tools down.

Fast forward to today, add a patent, electrical engineer and design team and the Safe-T Ring was born. A long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery ensures its always at the ready in stand-by mode. Now pro electricians and the home do-it-yourselfer have the ability to test for energized circuits without having to stop their work

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Buy Now

Order your Safe-T™ Ring today for $19.95 (plus S+H)

Your order will include”

  • 1 Safe-T™ Ring non-contact AC Voltage sensor
  • 3 interchangeable ring bands (S,M and L)
  • 1 Micro USB charging cord.
Safe-T Ring slider angle 9505
Safe-T Ring tray

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